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We compiled a list below with top, trust-worthy, real high-class escort agencies from all over Netherlands, from major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but including as well smaller cities like Alkmaar.

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Escort Alkmaar

Alkmaar is one of Netherland's fantastic cities. Looking like a fairy tale city, it is a perfect destination for both leisure & business. You get to relax in a beautiful, calm city nation-wide known for its beauty.

Also, besides the great view, Alkmaar has a lot to offer for the gentlemen who know how to a enjoy the company of fantastic women, both charming and smart.

One of the escort Alkmaar services - - that deserves your attention offers you high class services. I found about this service from quite a lot people. At least three of my friends chose the services provided by this agency and a few acquaintances of mine recommended this service as well. After hearing their recommendation - it was time for me to try out their services.

I booked a 2 hour session including "the usual" and erotic massage. I have to admit that I was simply blown away by this. The girl was amazing, the way she moved, the way she treated me and the entire experience. A jewel, a true jewel.


Me and my fun buddies were looking the last days for the best escort Rotterdam services as, you well guessed, we were horny in Rotterdam a few days ago. We were on a short party vacation and after a couple of hours of partying in Rotterdam, we found out that we were quite horny and "in the mood". We started searching on the web for agencies in Rotterdam, after seeing all the websites on the first 2 or 3 pages, we called one of the websites and asked some details. The operator on that particular agency seemed anxious and.. non-communicative, so we dropped that agency. Afterwards, we found a new website after more searches. We called there, the operator was very nice, communicative and helped us find the escorts in Rotterdam that we were looking for.

We finally found the perfect escort Rotterdam service for us. The operator told us that our special escorts would arrive in 40 minutes maximum, at our hotel. Happily, in 30 minutes they were already here! As you know it's my habit to showoff with my special ladies - I chose the beautiful woman in the right (photo). My buddies chose other cute girls as well, and we went each to our own hotel room.

We had a really fantastic time with these girls. The next morning, me and my friends met at the restaurant and we chit-chatted, bragging over the coffee about what we did last night each with our own special friend. Haha, it was a blast!

Escort Amsterdam

The Amsterdam escorts are another excellent way of entertainment. You can definitely meet a lot of fantastic women, because, when it comes to escort Amsterdam has it all. One perfect example of a great website is:

You can easily book a date with any of the women you desire. We know that sometimes fun is hard to find, but not when it comes to Amsterdam and this trustful agency. 

Blonde, brunette, erotic massage, high class GFE (girlfriend experience) - you name it... Amsterdam has it all!

Personally tried this service for a couple of times, this agency managed to deliver real high class services. Thus, I recommend it. Chose the services of this hottie on the right (picture).


Escort Den Haag

Den Haag is definitely one of the "fun" and "entertainment" cities in Netherlands. The escort Den Haag services are fantastic if you choose them wisely. While travelling to Den Haag (or The Hague, as its known especially by foreign visitors) with a few friends of mine, we were looking for a fun time in the city. We called one of the top agencies in Den Haag from Google, but we weren't quite satisfied. We're not going to waste our time by talking about that experience from that given agency. The next day, we chose to book from a different agency. And that's when we discovered one of the REAL DEAL top quality agencies from Hague - Denhaag Escort. Not quite a catchy name, but man... their ladies really blowed our minds out.

We were quite shocked to see such beautiful women in front of us... You can check the escort Den Haag agency we recommend - Me and my buddies booked 2 hours, I chose Celine and my two buddies chose some girls too (don't really remember their name, I was busy with Celine).. I had one of the most outstanding escorting experiences in Netherlands. My buddies were drooling too and happy with the service provided. It was a fun trip and we definitely enjoyed having such a great time. We definitely recommend this agency and we'll be back with other bookings as we get back in Hague.